“Your Moral Compass and Resolving Misunderstandings in Business”

We know that money drives the economic engine of any company, organization, or agency. Maintaining the agreed-to cash flow to vendors and suppliers is critical to the incoming flow of material and manpower.
When money or scheduling issues come up, reconcile and resolve as soon as possible. Do not allow misunderstandings to fester. It can only get worse. So:
Reconcile money issues, reconcile personnel issues, and reconcile misunderstandings about deliverables
When budgetary issues require adjustments of any kind, prompt advanced notifications are always preferred and appreciated by everyone. Also, letting a potential customer know of cost-saving options is a great way to instill confidence in your company.
Making a potential customer aware of underperforming (often cheap) or high performance (often expensive) products that are on the market will help customers and potential customers know what expectations can be achieved. This advice before the sale is another way to instill confidence in your company.
ABEL Building Systems routinely meets to discuss details and what customers’ expectations are. This process builds a bond that helps carry over a feeling of confidence into the review process. ABEL Building Systems wants to meet the specification and reveal itself to be the best solution for the customer’s application.
It’s amazing how personnel decisions can affect sales and service. Personal courtesy can build business or drive it away.
Do:        Letting the customer decision makers know about complete system progress and performance operations.
Deliver what is promised, when it’s promised
Interpreting the specification packages and thrift cost if possible while maintaining full compliance.
Keep on schedule. If issues arise, alert promptly for countermeasure(s).
Document all changes and interruptions, and open dialog.
Don’t:               Oversell any system, product or service
Over promise and under deliver
Promise good service, and deliver poor service
Take out products from the specification package after the contract begins to reduce performance for the sake of a little extra profit
Deliver less than what was promised to the customer.
We all know that we operate in an imperfect world, and misunderstandings are inevitable. Is there a way to minimize them?
Words are required, but pictures are better. Pictures can be blueprints, sketches, outlines, or pictures / video. But intentionally mis-reading corporate documents to favor being the recipient of expensive engineering changes erodes trust. Clarifying potential confusion and information conflict right away builds trust and credibility. Quotation submission, invoicing, progress reports, and partial or complete shipping documentation are all part of the route to building trust and securing additional business.
When disputes arise, a uniform examination of all aspects and angles of the issue to resolve in a mutually meaningful way builds trust and shows accountability.
ABEL Building Systems makes sure that with a system like Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), we discuss the three D’s. When providing the right system with the right performance expected, Deter, Detect, and Document all have to be addressed. But too many times, the “cost” is the main focus. Cost should figure, but not be the main factor. Truth, understanding, and honesty will bring the right picture into view on the right system, and Abel Building Systems wants the right one to all its customers. The Avigilon systems we provide deliver superior results.
So once a contract is awarded by a customer to a vendor / contractor, what is the responsibility to fulfill that contract? Key pointKeep your word in conversations and agreements. Keep free of hidden and deceptive substitutions of cheaper, lower-performing products in place of promised high quality items. Taking questionable short cuts will destroy reputations and contractor’s standing in business circles.
After completion of a project or sale of a service, prompt responses to warranty call backs and repairs builds a reputation of credibility. Delayed warranty responses or delayed service calls hurt the customer / vendor relationship.
If a contractor brings on sub-contractors under the umbrella of that company, the general contractor must assume all risks and responsibilities for those sub-contractors in all situations as the main customer sees builds favor to do business again. The sub-contractor can be dealt with away from the customer’s eyes if serious issues arise.
Select what business segments to approach, and be honest with customers and vendors about what you can do and can’t do. This will build respect. If a job is too small, be honest about it. If a job is too large, be honest about it. ABEL Building Systems politely declines working on projects that are too far out of scope or are in such poor shape for what funds are available to fix it right.
ABEL Building Systems offers Avigilon products that provide high quality, high resolution and playback with innovative download software as a primary product line. There are three basic levels of equipment, and ABEL can recommend an excellent selection to meet your needs. The basic level is called the “Core System”. The intermediate system is called the “Standard System”. The top system is called the “Enterprise System.”
ABEL Building Systems also uses new Honeywell parts for new systems or additions requiring Honeywell parts. And replacement parts for older Honeywell systems are available to keep those older systems in good running order.