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You Hear It Every Year and This Year Should Be No Different: Keep Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in Mind Regarding Your Christmas Tree

You hear it every year and this year is no different: keep fire prevention and fire safety in mind regarding your Christmas tree!  It’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” so don’t let it turn into a disaster for your family by ignoring some simple Christmas tree safety rules – especially when it comes […]

Do You Really Need a Security System, Camera Surveillance or CCTV? Let’s Look at the Facts

ABEL Building Systems assists schools, businesses, warehouse and industrial sites, assisted living facilities and more with fire alarm and security system solutions.  One question we are often asked is, do I really need some type of security system, cameras or CCTV? To simplify, let’s talk about businesses and cameras/CCTV.  Let’s say a large business enterprise […]

“Who Is Your Customer? Your Customer is Everyone You Deal With.”

The term “customer” most often refers to someone who gives money for a material, service, or counsel. And the prevailing thought is the “customer is always right”. So a higher level of diligence is viewed for where the money source is. But ABEL Building Systems has a higher level of application to what a “customer” […]

“Building trust and honesty with businesses that need surveillance and security systems.”

Responsibility, honesty, and truthfulness bring about repeat business and builds future relationships. But how many have been burned by unethical or unqualified contractors? Or have you ever been hired by an unethical company that didn’t complete their end of the agreement? Many have in either case, and those experiences still hurt. But dealing with a […]